Simonds ITW Saws

For over 180 years Simonds has thrived in the saw business by manufacturing the best saws in the industry. Simonds Trademark Series Inserted Tooth Saws are produced using Nickel Alloy plate that is processed in their new heat treat facility. Their new on-site heat treatment is producing plates with a consistent hardness and uniform flatness that is not available from 3rd party plate suppliers. Simonds saws keep maintenance costs down, maximize saw run time and add profit to your bottom line.

The Trademark Series Saw features:
• Finest Quality Nickel Alloy plate manufactured in Big Rapids, MI.
• Precision Laser Cutting and CNC milling
• Computer controlled spin tester checks for vibration and run out
They have the most experience in the business manufacturing saws, they not only manufacture their own plates but they also manufacture the bits and shanks as well. Simonds has a complete understanding of what it takes to build the best saw in the business.

They make the best – And now they just got better!

Part NoDescriptionPrice
56simondAll 56" Simonds ITW Saws$2,495.00 ea
60simondAll 60" Simonds ITW Saws$2,995.00 ea
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