Carbide Saws

Carbide tip saw blades have endless applications and come in an endless variety of configurations. We deal with only the most repuatable suppliers of saw plates and finished blades. Here we have listed some common blades but if you don’t see what you looking for, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with any other blades as well, including custom made blades.

Part NoDiameterTeethKerfBoreMachineDesignHookPrice
10549789.1572-3/8PenduStrobe$59.75 ea
1054981010.1432-15/16BrewerStrobe$59.25 ea
1054991010.1432-3/8PenduStrobe$59.25 ea
1042891010.1572-3/8PenduStrobe$64.50 ea
1055001010.1702-3/8PenduStrobe$67.25 ea
1055011212.1572HazelthornStrobe$67.25 ea
1055021212.1432-3/8PenduStrobe$64.50 ea
1042611212.1572-3/8PenduPendu$67.25 ea
1055031212.1702-3/8PenduStrobe$78.00 ea
1055041212.1432-15/16BrewerStrobe$64.50 ea
1039851212.1572-15/16BrewerStrobe$67.25 ea
1055051314.1572-15/16BrewerStrobe$85.25 ea
1055061414.1702-1/2BrewerStrobe$96.00 ea
1055071414.1702-15/16PenduStrobe$96.00 ea
1055081414.1892-3/8PenduStrobe$103.00 ea
1055091416.1434CornellStrobe$85.25 ea
1055101416.1704CornellStrobe$98.25 ea
1035621616.2042-1/2BrewerStrobe$111.75 ea
1026131260.134ATB10°$100.00 ea
1054381280.134ATB10°$112.75 ea
1026161460.157ATB10°$153.75 ea
1026171480.157ATB10°$177.75 ea
1026181660.165ATB10°$203.00 ea
1026191680.165 ATB10°$212.75 ea
1026211860.180ATB10°$256.50 ea
1026221880.180ATB10°$282.00 ea
1026242060.180ATB10°$317.50 ea
1026252080.180ATB10°$350.00 ea
1026272260.220ATB$381.00 ea
1026292280.220ATB$416.75 ea
1026332460.245ATB$468.75 ea
1053472472.245ATB10°$450.00 ea
1026342480.245ATB$495.00 ea
1054392680.245ATB$595.00 ea
10544026100.245ATB$625.00 ea
1045441224.186FTG22°$105.00 ea
1031331424.194FTG22°$140.00 ea
1031351636.126FTG20°$205.25 ea
1031372040.185FTG20°$225.00 ea
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