Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges to accommodate your strapping requirements. Our high tensile and heavy duty strapping conforms to government, railroad and ASTM specifications and is marked with the requirements of the Association of American Railroads.

Part NoDescriptionAverage Break StrengthYieldPer RollPer Skid
1012911/2" x .023 Painted Steel Strapping1380 lbs25.6 feet/pound$0.79 lb$0.76 lb
1012921/2" x .023 Unpainted Strapping1380 lbs25.6 feet/pound$0.72 lb$0.69 lb
1019425/8" x .023 Painted Steel Strapping1725 lbs20.5 feet/pound$0.79 lb$0.76 lb
1019435/8" X .023 Unpainted Steel Strapping1725 lbs20.5 feet/pound$0.72 lb$0.69 lb
1017483/4" x .020 Painted Steel Strapping1800 lbs19.6 feet/pound$0.79 lb$0.76 lb
1017493/4" x .023 Painted Steel Strapping2070 lbs17.1 feet/pound$0.84 lb$0.81 lb
1017523/4" x .025 High Tensile Painted Steel Strapping2800 lbs15.7 feet/pound$0.90 lb$0.86 lb
1017503/4" x .023 Unpainted Steel Strapping2070 lbs17.1 feet/pound$0.72 lb$0.69 lb
1012761-1/4" x .031 High Tensile Painted Steel Strapping5500 lbs7.6 feet/pound$0.95 lb$0.91 lb
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