Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits

Stand-All Bits – This revolutionary, patented, all season bit breaks up the saw dust and expels it out of the gullet quickly. This reduces shank wear and prevents dust from spilling into the cut. As a result, the saw runs freer and cooler and hold its tension longer. Stand-All bits will take full feed without snaking, dodging knots or leading. Cuts are made smooth and straight with less power in all kinds of timber. Packed in lots of 100.

Part NoDescription1 Box5 Boxes
101442BF 8/9 9/32 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$223.60 Box$212.42 Box
101439BF 8/9 5/16 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$230.60 Box$219.07 Box
101440BF 7 5/16 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$233.30 Box$221.64 Box
101441BF 7 11/32 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$240.30 Box$228.29 Box
1014452-1/2 8/9 9/32 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$223.60 Box$212.42 Box
1014432-1/2 7 5/16 Chrome Stand-All Saw Bits$234.70 Box$222.97 Box
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