Jockey Grinder


A balanced machine for better results. Pulls back easily for grinding wheel contact to inserted saw tooth to be ground. Uniform fast cutting action is guaranteed for better quality cut lumber. A real rugged grinder – for maximum performance and production. Only the Jockey Grinder gives you all these features.

• Diamond wheels available for carbide bits

• Sharpens saw teeth correctly every time

• No need to lift machine when in use as it pushes along easily from one tooth to the next

• No clamping of the machine to the saw is necessary

• Fast – Smooth – Clean Cutting Action – No burn on saw teeth

• Shielded from all dust – dirt and abrasive particles

• Replacement parts available

• Pneumatic motor available

Part NoDescriptionPrice
102669Jockey Grinder (32" and greater)$774.00 ea
102668Edger Jockey Grinder (18" to 32")$774.00 ea
104190Jockey Motor$345.00 ea
104191Mounting Bracket$100.00 ea
101287Arbor Assembly$40.00 ea
101283Tooth Rest$8.00 ea
101282Tooth Stop$50.00 ea
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