Wood-Mizer BMS500 Sharpener

Industrial grade, fully-automatic sharpener for all your blades

The BMS500 is designed to suit the requirements of high production operations that require sharpening hundreds of blades every week. It features industrial-grade construction, and automatic features that let you focus less on sharpening blades, and more on being efficient with your time.

The BMS500 can sharpen 1”-3” blades, giving you the ability to sharpen larger blades than other sharpeners can handle. The 8” CBN grinding wheels provide a higher quality grind at higher speeds, enabling you to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality.

The user-friendly control station includes a tooth counter display, variable grinding speed, and two modes: Set-Up and Run. The sharpener is quickly configured to stop after an exact number of teeth have been sharpened.

Designed by professional blade maintenance experts for quality and production, the BMS500 is the ultimate band blade sharpener on the market today.

- Powerful, user-friendly control station
- Uses CBN 8” plated wheels that exactly fit factory set profiles requiring no dressing
- Completely adjustable for 1”-3” blade widths
- Adapts easily from ½” to 1.125” tooth spacing

Part NoDescriptionPrice
106335Wood-Mizer BMS500AU Bandsaw Sharpener
(1 Ph, 230 V, 60 Hz)
$6,350.00 ea
106336Wood-Mizer BMS500CU Bandsaw Sharpener
(3 Ph, 460 V, 60 Hz)
$6,350.00 ea
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