Wood-Mizer BMT250 Setter

Efficiently set both sides of your blades with automatic control.

For the most complete tooth setting solution, the BMT250 provides fully automatic setting of both sides of your blades. This automatic dual tooth setter will allow you to maintain your blade set with the highest quality and efficiency.

The BMT250 handles 1”-3” blades, can set from ½” to 1 ¼” tooth spacing, and the tooth space indexing can be finely adjusted. The automatic functions include an adjustable tooth counter, single tooth or fully automatic blade feed, and a motor on/off light.

When you need to set-it and forget-it, the BMT250 is the answer for setting blades in a fast paced production environment.
- Adjustable blade setting assemblies for various set amounts
- Precise pushers for fine tuning set
- Adjustable tooth space indexing
- Blade height adjustment knobs for 1”-3” wide bands
- Blade support arm come with extensions for various blade lengths
- Able to set from 1/2” up to 1 1/4” tooth spacing
Automatic Features:
- 12V motor
- Adjustable sensor counts teeth
- Auto feed control box
- Auto/Manual toggle switch for tooth advancement
- Start jog button
- Stop/Reset button
- Tooth counter adjustable for different length bands
- Motor On/Off pilot light

Part NoDescriptionPrice
106329BMT250 Setter$2,895.00 ea
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