Tally Books

Genuine leather bound tally books designed to hold the standard 4” x 8” tally sheets. Two types of books offered, integrated nylon straps with heavy duty Velcro adjustment and the snap-on strap version. Hand crafted with the finest materials. Available in 9 different page varieties from 2 through 20.

Part NoDescriptionPrice
1014834 pg Tally Book - Snap-on Straps$52.95 ea
1014856 pg Tally Book - Snap-on Straps$54.95 ea
1014868 pg Tally Book - Snap-on Straps$57.00 ea
10147510 pg Tally Book - Snap-on Straps$60.00 ea
10147712 pg Tally Book - Snap-on Straps$48.95 ea
101484Replacement Snap-on Straps$9.00 ea
1064992 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$44.00 ea
1065004 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$49.95 ea
1065016 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$51.95 ea
1065028 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$53.95 ea
10650310 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$55.95 ea
10650412 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$57.95 ea
10650514 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$59.95 ea
10650620 pg Tally Book - Velcro Straps$67.95 ea
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