Crayon Holders

Part NoDescriptionPrice
102254Crayon Holder with Leather Strap$15.95 ea
102253Crayon Holder for Fluorescent Crayons$14.95 ea
104370Combination Crayon Pencil Holder$18.95 ea
101803Wooden Crayon Holder
with 5/8" Hardwood Dowel Extension, 36"
$33.95 ea
102246Brass Crayon Holder/Plunger
with Turned Ash Handle
$72.00 ea
inserted tooth saw blades

Inserted Tooth Saws

Simonds Trademark Series & Piper's Saw Brands

See Circle Saws

bits and shanks

Saw Bits & Shanks

Simonds and Piper Brands

Carbide & Steel

See Saw Bits & Shanks

knife grinder

Piper Knife Grinder

Ideal for a small shop or mill environment

or anyone wanting to maintain their own knives

See Piper Equipment